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Where to See Dolphins in Marco Island and Naples Florida

Marco Island and Naples Florida have some of the best dolphin viewing in Southwest Florida. The rivers of Marco Island and Gulf of Mexico allow schools of dolphins to live and flourish. In these waters, there is an abundance of mullet which dolphin prey on and virtually no predators. This allow dolphin pods to create a much more complex social structure - more time for mating, feeding, and play. They can rear their young in a stress free environment. This makes Marco Island the best place to see dolphins active and at play!

There are many options to see dolphins when you are visiting the Marco Island Area. One of the most popular areas to dolphin watch is Keewaydin Island. Learn about how to get to Keewaydin Island here.

Things to remember when dolphin watching:

  • Get out on the water! While you can sometimes spot dolphins from shore, it is much more interactive to get up close and personal.

  • Take videos instead of photos, dolphins are quick and sometimes it's hard to get them in a single shot.

  • Dolphins are attracted to the wake of the boat, sometimes looking behind you is better than looking off the bow.

  • Watch Captain Riley of Hemingway Water Shuttle (he is usually a pretty good indicator of when dolphins are near!)

  • Go with the flow! Mother nature can’t be predicted and while your guides will do their best to provide a great experience, wild animals don’t always comply.

Hemingway Water Shuttle offers easy and affordable daily tours to Keewaydin Island. The island is known for its world class shelling, pristine beaches, and wildlife watching. Accessible only by boat, our shuttle gets you out there stress free. Check out our customer testimonials! On the way out to the island see dolphins and other marine life. Below are a few photos from our recent tours. Happy dolphin watching :)

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