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How to get to Keewaydin Island

When people search "things to do near me" when visiting Marco Island, Naples, Fort Meyers, or any of the vacation destinations near by, a day trip to the beaches of Keewaydin Island often comes up. Visiting Keewaydin Island is one of the most popular things to do near Marco Island because of it's pristine sandy beaches, shelling, and clear water. However, you can only get there by boat, so people are often stuck figuring out how to get to Keewaydin island. Here are the easiest ways to get to Keewaydin Island, including our 5-star TripAdvisor rated shuttle service.

What and Where is Keewaydin Island?

Keewaydin Island is a popular daytime destination south of Naples and North of Marco Island. It's roughly a 30 minute boat ride from Marco Island and is NOT accessible by car - only boat. For more information on the Island itself, see our post: here.

How to get to Keewaydin Island?

Assuming readers do not own their own boat, the most common ways to get to Keewaydin Island is to take a water shuttle, such as Hemingway Water Shuttle, or by renting a boat. Taking a water shuttle is a cheaper, faster, safer, and a more relaxing way to get to Keewaydin Island, while renting a boat offers more flexibility for people that may want to do more than just visit Keewaydin Island while out on the water.

Option 1: Hemingway Water Shuttle Service

Our shuttle leaves from Rose Marina on Marco Island and can accommodate up to 22 passengers at a time to and from Keewaydin Island. Hemingway Water Shuttle offers free parking, making the experience straight forward and stress free. For a round trip to Keeywaydin Island, Hemingway Water Shuttle charges $44 for adults and $22 for children under the age of 12. The trip generally takes 30 minutes. Along the way riders can enjoy an eco-tour and expect to see dolphins and other marine life.

For more information about Hemingway Water Shuttle, please view our TripAdvisor page.

Option 2: Boat Rentals

Boat rentals are available from nearby Marinas, including Rose Marina. The average boat rental cost is $300 per day + the cost of fuel. Most boats hold up to 7 people - making the cost per person approximately $45-80 depending on how many people ride and how much fuel is burned.

Address to Rose Marina: 951 Bald Eagle Dr, Marco Island, FL 34145

Map of Route to Keewaydin from Rose Marina:

Want to book a trip using our shuttle service?

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